Climate Curriculum Lab

With the founder of Emergent Resilience, Kevin Gallagher, I have created an offering for educators and student-facing staff at secondary or higher education settings who want to get to the heart of students’ climate awareness. I am available for consulting with educators to shape their curriculum and pedagogy to center students’ affective responses to climate disruption. What are the implications of the research on emotion and climate change on our teaching? What emotional “hidden curriculum” are we teaching, and how can we utilize the research on neuroscience and social psychology to embolden the next generation of climate leaders? Consulting can include “affective audits” of syllabi and curricula, workshops with faculty to build new instructional methods, and troubleshooting strategies to incentivize this work at the institutional level. 

Curricula that Centers on Social Justice

I am also available for consulting environmental studies faculty and programs to more effectively focus on social justice. Environmental concerns often fail to account for social justice, and this failure has parallels in the academy; the disciplines that focus on the environment are often siloed from the disciplines that focus on social justice. If we agree that environmental problems are shaped by and in turn shape social structures of inequality, how can we use the structures of academia to bring them together better?  I have ten years of experience at two different institutions integrating social justice into environmental studies program development, and have advised other programs on this issue.

I serve or have served as a consultant for the following projects:

Climate Storytelling Playbook for Screenwriters

Climate MentalHealth Resilience Masterclass for Calm Meditation App

Seedlings Climate News

Climate Storytelling Bible

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Environmental Studies Degree Development

Climate Journal Project